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Aviation Tip:

Use a handheld radio to get ATIS information and ask if your clearance is ready before start-up. This saves time, fuel, and frustration.


Yan Vargas
Lancair 360, N18M
Dominincan Republic

I used Ron's fly test and ferry services for my Lancair 360. Also, received a few days of training once my airplane landed with Ron here in my country, the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. To be honest, Ron taught me how to land this bird..after his instructions...always nice and safe landings in this complex airplane...Thanks !!!


Ron is not just a professional in his Job, he is a friendly and funny man..use his services... it will be a very exciting experience....

Ron's Fly Test and Ferry Services For Lancair 360

Luiz Otavio Peres and Luiz Carlos Peres

We hired Ron in 2007 to help us take a COMP-7 all the way to Brazil and teach us to fly the airplane on the way. In the beginning, we ran into some serious documentation problems with the aircraft and Ron immediately stepped up to help us resolve it.

All the way Ron was very responsible and complied with all of our requests regarding our schedule. He was very effective in teaching us to fly the airplane and despite some language barrier, he was very patient and we were able to fly the plane alone as soon as we reached home.

Besides his flight experience and skills to teach, what we enjoyed more with Ron was his honesty and friendship. Needless to say, we ended up becoming good friends. I totally recommend Ron as a pilot and, honestly, I am looking forward to fly with him again.


John L. Ghertner
Glasair Super IIFT, N494U

It was with great trepidation that I gave Ron the keys to my baby: worried about him taking my plane off the ground, worried that it would fly, worried that I couldn't learn to fly it safely. Well, Ron's confidence and easy manner quickly dispelled my fears. He handled the plane like it was his own, flew it gently at first as he calmed me down by radio while I stood on the ground watching him. He thoroughly tested the plane before he would let me in it with him.

When it came time for my transition training (I couldn't even run a high speed taxi out of fear that I would break something), he was gentle in his approach, leading me through, teaching me to fly my Glasair. After 5 hours of very intensive flying, including multiple take-offs and landings, emergency procedures, unusual attitudes (loops, that is!), he turned me loose with confidence that I could pilot my plane safely. Not only did he teach me to fly but I learned a great deal about flight safety and handling any airplane.

I have referred many people to Ron and have tried to meet up with him again for more flight instruction.

Rodger C. Olds

I took Glasair-III transition training from Ron Miller. It had been years since I last flew, so Ron had his hands full with a rusty Bonanza pilot transitioning to a Glasair-III. I found Ron to be professional and through in his approach to my training. He let me progress at my own pace while emphasizing the important aspects of flying a very high performance aircraft. I would recommend Ron to anyone to make a first flight on an experimental or transitioning to any aircraft that Ron is familiar with.


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