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Aviation Tip:

Use a handheld radio to get ATIS information and ask if your clearance is ready before start-up. This saves time, fuel, and frustration.

Aircraft Delivery & Ferry Services

Ron’s motto is is " If you can show me how it starts- I can fly it!" Different aircraft can present with multiple panel configurations and engine starting procedures. He has the gift of meeting each aircraft as if it were a new friend and familiarizing himself with it's special features. Whether it be a turbine crop duster, Canard, Pitts, midget Mustang, or a twin, Ron has met them and flown them all! This gift can be invaluable as one of Ron's now clients learned. He had received a quote from Ron but decided to go with a "Weekend Warrior" who works as an airline pilot otherwise. When this pilot showed up to transport the bi-wing he declined the job, siting the panel was not to his liking. Approximately a month's delay was experienced from the client's initial call to the successful delivery by Ron.

If your needs are to move an aircraft from one location to another in a reasonable time factor look no further. There may be other resources available but the quality of services Ron can provide is complete as he is also an A&P. Should difficulties arise on your aircraft's journey he can diagnose and provide repairs with approval from the owner and compensation upon delivery of your aircraft. This can prove to be invaluable in avoiding delays to the destinations that you desire. He is the Postmaster of aircraft delivery. Flat tires, main or tail, fix 'em and go on....even the of a CompAir to Brazil with no tail-wheel at all!

Should your aircraft be deemed unairworthy by the FAA but still flyable, Ron can acquire the Special Flight Permits necessary to legally transport it to the destination of choice.

Luiz Otavio Peres and Luiz Carlos Peres

We hired Ron in 2007 to help us take a COMP-7 all the way to Brazil and teach us to fly the airplane on the way. In the beginning, we ran into some serious documentation problems with the aircraft and Ron immediately stepped up to help us resolve it.

All the way Ron was very responsible and complied with all of our requests regarding our schedule. He was very effective in teaching us to fly the airplane and despite some language barrier, he was very patient and we were able to fly the plane alone as soon as we reached home.

Besides his flight experience and skills to teach, what we enjoyed more with Ron was his honesty and friendship. Needless to say, we ended up becoming good friends. I totally recommend Ron as a pilot and, honestly, I am looking forward to fly with him again.

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