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Ron Miller’s Notice to Lancair IV Pilots

I do transition training, recurrency, first flight, insurance required times, and flight reviews. This goes for all planes. The Lancair 4 is a great plane and easy to fly, it has a lot of things to it since it is very complex but flying the plane is really simple. I have not had a customer that has had any problems yet that I have tough in a 4 or 4P but you do need to learn those planes because they are differnt than your normal Cessna. Many people worry about the high speed in which they come in at but keep it is mind that speed is its friend. The way I look at it if you cannot drive a car on a perfect road at 120mph then you might not want a Lancair.  When it comes to a windy day I think the lancair is a great plane to be in compaired to say a Cessna which the wind will control much more. The only problem I see with the 4s is who built it and what equipment was installed, I see more problems with this plane than any othes when it comes to mechanical or electric problems.

Also, if you have a Lancair 360 and are having issues with landings, please contact me at rmiller904@aol.com . I know some instructors have been teaching 90 MPH approach speeds, and that is NOT the correct way to land a Lancair 360.

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Skysmith Insurance

The best way to insure your hard-to-insure plane, such as a Lancair, Glasair, Cirrus, or turbine experimental is:

  • Have Ron teach you to fly it, and
  • Have Scott from SkySmith Insurance insure you. Ronsflying uses SkySmith, exclusively
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Tail Wind Air Park

A Great place to Visit or Live!

Want a great place to stop in or even better yet a great place to live? Go to www.tailwindairpark.com and check them out. I flew in there to pick up a plane and the people were great, lots of help and real friendly.

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Complete Rotax Service

Major or minor at your location or his. Shayne Morris, has every schooling that Rotax offers and is a certified A&P. A regular A&P like myself cannot work on a certified plane that has a Rotax 912 in it without all the Rotax service schools, so I recommend getting in touch with Shayne: email: aerothrust@yahoo.com or call him at 863 214 4754.

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Bay Minette Aviation, Inc. (1R8) – Mobile AL

Bay Minette Aviation, Inc.

If Mobile, Alabama is anywhere in your flight path and you want an FBO that is very clean, with a courtesy car, food nearby, and a great looking, courteous staff that also know how to fuel your plane, then you have to stop by (1R8) in Alabama.


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Air Marion Inc. Marion, Indiana

Air Marion Inc. is a family owned and operated full service FBO (Fixed Base Operator) with great people, great service, a courtesy car, and good food nearby.


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Sulfer Springs TX FBO

Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport Terminal Building

On my trip to Miami, Oklahoma, I landed at Sulfur Springs, TX. This little FBO was all nice and new. They have a courtesy car, good food nearby, and if you run into a guy working there named Matt, he will bend over backwards for you! He came in on Sunday when they were closed, just to get me fuel, with nothing but a happy smile!


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Dolphin Aviation – Sarasota Airport

At Sarasota airport, taxi into Dolphin Aviation. They are very friendly there and have a free car if you need one. Dolphin is one of the nice FBO’s left that does not charge you. It is a short walk from there to Captain Brian’s sea food. Find more information online at dolphinaviation.com.

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Compair 8 – Texas to Florida

Well, the boys in Texas always like things big and here is a good sign of it. A very good customer and friend of mine bought a Compair 8 and had it painted. Not only does this plane have a big engine but it has big teeth too! We flew it back to Florida to the radio shop who built the panel for this plane and here it is inside my hangar. Tom does not like his planes to sit outside so in it went. I did the test flights on it originally and then got to check out Tom for his insurance. The builder who lives in Texas did a great job and Tom had no problem flying it; he is a new tail wheel man but seems like its not a challenge at all for him. Not only does Texas have great food (like in Plano) but those two customers are great guys too.

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