Flew the Compair 8 out int Texas

Had to fly to Texas and fly the Comp 8 with a man from Russia who wants to buy it, not sure if he has bought it yet but the flight went great and as usual flying Tom’s comp 8 was fun.

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The last few jobs

In the past few months I have test flown a Lancair 360 out in Pa. as usuall it is one of my favorite planes to fly, it was beautiful, flew great. I dont have any pics right now because of computer problems but soon there will be some.

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Compair 8

compair 8Just completed this Compair8 it was built for jumping out of. The owners are a parachute outfit in Estonia, they sent a pilot here to learn how to fly it, we had fun and he really did not need much help. The plane
was sure different, giant tires were cool on the grass runway that I use that is like a moto cross field. The Walter engine has some FCU problems, but they say they are going to get that all fixed before it flys over the pond.

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Zenith 601

Upcoming Jobs

I just did a test flight in St Augustine for a 601 Zenith, the owner did a great job of building it, the plane flew nice. He is changing a couple little things that I thought would make it better for him and then I will be going back to finish it.

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Upcoming Jobs

I have a CompAir 8 to test fly coming yet this month, as far as I know it might be the last CompAir to be built unless someone has one they are building that I don’t know about. It is a tri cycle gear with a special door in the back for jumpers, when I am done with it then I think the owners will fly it out of the country.

Met people from Chile that just bought a CompAir 10, soon as we get it to Florida we are going to get it ready for parachute jumpers also and after I get the Chile pilot comfortable in it then we will head to Chile with it, that will be one trip I am looking forward to, I will get to see Costa Rica, Columbia and a few others that I have always wanted to go to.

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Lancair 4P

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3 Fisherman Seafood Restaurant – Fort Myers, FL

At Paige Field in Fort Myers (FMY), the FBO will give you a car. You should drive that car over to the best fish I have had at ANY restaurant. 3 Fishermen Seafood in Fort Myers does not have a website, but I’ve posted a link how to get there below.

If you want them to talk you in, here’s their phone #: (239) 931-3474. They’re not expensive and very good.

3 Fisherman Seafood Restaurant Map

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Lambert’s Cafe – Sikeston, MO

Sikeston (SIK) this is a nice airport with the best food around http://www.throwedrolls.com/ worth the trip at any distance. They will pick you up at the airport and take you right in with no wait for pilots.


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Dixie Crossroads Seafood Restaurant – Titusville, FL

Dixie crossroads is about two miles from X21 over by the space center, near on the east coast of Central Florida – possibly the freshest seafood in the state. if you are like me, you will eat so many of the corn fritters with powdered sugar that you’ll need the two mile back to the airport just to get back off the ground. LOL


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Captain Brian’s Seafood Market & Restaurant – Sarasota, FL

They have the best seafood on the west coast at Captain Brian’s Seafood Market & Restaurant, just up the road from Sarasota (SRQ). You have to put up with Tampa (TPA) getting in there, but the food is well worth it.

It is only a short walk from the terminal or you can get a courtesy van. Dolphin Aviation will drive you there and they still don’t charge, like a lot of places do now.


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