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Aviation Tip:

Use a handheld radio to get ATIS information and ask if your clearance is ready before start-up. This saves time, fuel, and frustration.

About Ron

Ron Miller - Pilot

Picture of Ron Miller

Apparently, driving down all parts of the road in Indiana as if you were in a movie will get you some attention. Swinging his truck around to a stop along his father’s friend’s truck was the first step into Ron's flight career. The man Ron stopped beside happened to be a pilot. He noticed Ron’s talent and gutsy style, and said Ron was "a natural." Turns out he was right.

Ron’s father invested in his future and in his flight lessons. Ron predicted that he would have his first license in a few months, and his father said, "That's impossible." A bet was made between the two men: On the table was a 172 Cessna. To get this prize, Ron had to earn his license before Christmas. That winter they were flying to Florida in his son’s first well-earned plane.

As his love for flight grew, so did his resume. Acrobatics was the obvious next step for the young pilot. With his extraordinary aptitude for piloting, he managed to solo at 7 hrs. Remarkable. During this time, he learned to really appreciate experimentals. This wildly varied field of aircraft really appealed to Ron. This fondness stays with him today.

“If I can start it, I can fly it.”

Flight Hours

Experience (Since 1975)
3000 hours tail dragger
450 hours turbine test pilot
2000 hour high performance retract
2000 stunt plane

Information on flight hours

Certificates, Ratings Endorsements

Commercial Pilot, Airplane, Multi-Engine Land and Seaplane, No Limitations
Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)
Second Class Medical, No Restrictions
Aviation Maintenance Technician, Airframe and Power Plant (A&P)

Ratings & Endorsements
Tail Wheel
High Performance

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